• Elimination Diet based Online group program, personalized with your health history and bloodwork results

    Have you been suffering from any of these?

    ...and never was able to find a lasting solution?


    Weight problems

    Lack of energy

    Digestive Issues


    Hormonal issues

    Autoimmune problems

    Food sensitivities


    Frequent colds/illnesses


    Brain Fog

    You're at the right place!

    The NEW You is a proven program developed by a Clinical Nutrition doctor and a food scientist team to find and address the root causes for your chronic issues.


    This is an online modified elimination diet group program that is personalized based on your blood test results and health history.


    Join the hundreds of women who have already turned around their health, weight and energy!


    This Unique Program is brought to you by a combined 50+ years of experience in food science and nutrition,

    coaching, and passion in empowering women to reach their highest potential.

    Dr. BB Beba

    Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, Speaker, Educator, Entrepreneur, Mom, Mentor for Million Women Project -Girls in STEM, Board Member for Innovative Nutrition Companies.

    Specializes in Connected Investigative Medicine, Inflammation and Chronic Health Issues

    Nesko Elden

    Food Scientist, Integrative Health Coach, Energy Healer, Foodie, Strategist, Ex-Professional Athlete.

    Specializes in Connected Integrative Medicine, Wellness Planning, Emotional Issues behind Chronic Health Problems, Food as Medicine

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  • Why is "The NEW You" UNIQUE?



    One size does not fit all!

    Provide your personal information, health history and bloodwork results to get a personalized report and supplement recommendations accordingly.



    Your weekly menu, recipes, tracking documents, additional support materials will be provided to your online education portal that will release materials weekly as modules open up.



    4 x one hour group zoom trainings on different topics & covering weekly common questions.

    Enjoy the group synergy & support - you are doing this with the whole sisterhood



    Become a part of our growing inner circle:

    - Get answers, ideas, motivation in our closed FB group

    - Regular newsletter to keep up to date with functional wellness news



    The NEW You is a personalized group program based on elimination diet teaching you the fundamentals of functional health and nutrition. During the 3-week elimination diet, the major food triggers will be removed and a variety of colorful, nutritious foods will be introduced to ensure the optimal healing & energy mechanism. In this short term, various benefits can be experienced:


    - Weight loss

    - Identifying foods that doesn't work for your body

    - Reducing inflammation

    - Improving digestive health

    - Increase energy

    - Improve skin tone

    - Hormonal balance

    - Managing blood sugar sugar

    - Enriching the cellular nutrition intensively with plant-nutrients/phytonutrients

    - Understanding how emotions affect our digestion & health, and use appropriate tools

    to manage them


    This program will jumpstart your energy and vitality, help you shed a few pounds!



    (After we receive your health history and a recent bloodwork results*)

    30+ page functional evaluation of your recent bloodwork & health history emailed to you

    Recommended supplements based on your personal report with the 20% patient discount through our professional online dispensary.


    Optional: If you don't have recent bloodwork and would like to get one ordered, you can purchase a full set of comprehensive bloodwork script emailed to you (ordered through Labcorp, paid separately)

    *if you don't have recent bloodwork and do not plan to have one ordered, you can still get a shorter report based on your health history



    Become a part of our growing inner circle, in our closed FB group. Ask questions, get answers, support, motivation, ideas on everything about functional wellness...

    Our newsletters will keep you updated on latest research, news, recommended products, supplements, tests and special discounts we found for you.



    Every week a new module will be open with weekly menus, their delicious recipes and a shopping list.

    Each module will include supporting stress management components, including meditation, EFT, breath work, exercise

    You will have access to our wellbeing library with information on foods, supplements, and holistic tools.



    Every Sat for 4 weeks, starting on Jan 22, we will be meeting for 1 hr zoom calls for the educational topic of the week related to the elimination diet.

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  • TimePlan

    How does it work?

    STEP1: Enroll in the program (Nov/Dec 2021)

    Purchase from the link provided

    STEP2: Reply the email sent to you (Nov/Dec 2021)

    Send us your health history & recent bloodwork results

    STEP3: Get your personalized report* (Dec 2021)

    30+ page functional bloodwork evaluation & Supplement recommendations

    *early sign ups get the most from the program since you can supply your missing nutrients early on

    STEP4: Join our circle -closed FB group (Dec/Jan 2022)

    Keep the motivation & fun during holiday season; and get support, answers, ideas from like-minded, heart-centered, smart, science loving, empowered women

    STEP5: The program opens doors (Jan 18th)

    Dive into your weekly menu, shopping list, recipes, tracking documents, reading materials and more.


    All materials will be on your Portal where modules will be released weekly.

    STEP6: Start of weekly group zoom sessions (Jan 22th)

    We will meet Saturdays weekly for 4 weeks at 2:00pm EST starting on Jan 22th. Each live zoom call will be 60 mins and we will cover topics on functional wellness, personalized nutrition & emotional components to support them.

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  • Use the Coupon Code: MERRYME21 for a special discount until Dec 25th (until 11:59pm EST)

    $259 with the coupon

    It's time to turn your life & health around in 2022!
    Let us show you how!

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