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    What is wrong with me???

    If you started asking this question for your unsolved/chronic health issues, then you've arrived at the correct place!

    We have been working with mysterious, persisting problems, chronic pains, fatigue, neurological issues for more than a decade in our practice.

    Many women, moms, families reach out to get their energy and vitality back, and we've got them covered.


    Connected Investigative Health is our ally!

    From blood test evaluations to energy reports, functional tests to meal planning, we address all needs of the body, mind and soul that brought you here! We work with allied health practitioners on our team, solve the health puzzle through vigorous investigative work and refer to other practitioners/doctors as needed.


    We have been there as well!

    We all suffered similar health issues, tried everything to get better with conventional methods. Our experience led us to personalized functional approach with correct foods, lifestyle, emotions and finally energy where we created our own "Connected Investigative approach"


    Let's get to work,

    Nutritious Dr Team

    personalized nutrition plans by nutritious mom


    Nutrition Plans

    No one-size-fits-all plans

    Not focusing on calories or a particular diet, but what works for you

    to feel and live your best life

    We solve your own health puzzle together

    Achieve optimal wellness through clinical nutrition

    Optimal wellness

    (disease-free is not enough)

    Prevention, easing symptoms and wellness maintenance.

    We aim to keep you not only disease/pain/symptom free but

    at your optimal functioning self,

    enjoying your health

    Clinical nutrition sessions with whole systems approach


    (whole systems) approach

    Functional / whole body approach looks at all the systems, symptoms and markers together. Nothing in the body works in isolation, so everything is connected.

    Problems {and healing as well} occur in multiple systems in varying degrees


  • About Us

    Meet the Nutritious Dr Team

    Dr. BB Burcu Beba: Doctor of Clinical Nutrition 


    I have been there: ignorant for healthy choices or wellness, valued practicality over nutrient quality, had a hectic life with lots of stress, suffered many chronic conditions (mostly respiratory, digestive & headaches) and relied heavily on medication.

    This was until I became a mom and started to care more for my little one, myself and all!

    Throughout my health coaching, masters and doctorate education, I not only studied how foods can impact our health and life quality but at the same time experienced these changes in my own life. From 6+ antibiotic usage per year, constant sickness, bloating and brain fog in earlier ages, I went to my healthiest in my 40s.

    I'm BB Burcu Beba, ex-corporate manager, mom of 2, a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition.

    I can help you with nutritional, lifestyle and complementary strategies to tackle chronic health conditions and reach your health goals.

    Wellness is a journey well worth the effort. And with the correct guide, you'd be on the path to the most amazing self-discoveries and your most vibrant self.

    Nesko Elden: Functional Nutrition Coach & Energy Healer 


    I am a food scientist and a nutritionist who loves working with high achievers that are sick and tired of being sick. I am happy to help them to feel at their best again using food as medicine and coaching for achieving the result.

    My love of food, especially herbs and spices, started when I was a kid. I was exploring food with great interest. The smell, the taste, the combinations were all magical to me. I spent quite some time during my childhood to read world culinary books and to cook for the family. Of course I learnt a lot about food but it was mostly for pleasure rather than medicine. When I was looking for a remedy that would help me, I needed to revitalize my knowledge of food science and learn the connection between food and health. Today I am happy to share with our clients integrative way to feel the best, to address chronic wellness issues by not only food but also energy healing, breathing, meditation and coaching.

    You deserve to feel your best and it is very possible with integrative approach.

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    Dr. BB Beba, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, Functional Nutritionist at BRANCHBURG, NJ

    Need a functional wellness team to investigate your health puzzle?

    We are here to help tie the pieces together!

    I evaluate your health history, your symptoms and bloodwork results to create a roadmap for your wellness goals

    Want to understand basics of functional nutrition and what personalized steps are needed to tackle your health issues?

    Schedule a 15-min mini Health Consult with me today (click the picture on the right for the link). I'll send a complimentary supplements recommendation list customized for you after our session.

    Email for questions: bb@nutritiousdr.com



    Nesko Elden, Health Coaching, Energy Healing

    Feeling confused, fatigued and losing your vitality?

    We are here to help you get it back!

    I use multiple tools from breathing to EFT, guided meditation to energy healing to evaluate your current situation, and ease your wellness journey

    Start your transformation journey with a 15-min mini Energy Consult with me (click the picture on the right for the link). I'll send a complimentary personal aura analysis report after our session.

    Email for questions: nesko@nutritiousdr.com



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    We promise to you that we will be your wellness guide with the best of our knowledge, enthusiasm, passion, love, and care in your health journey. We will strive to help you as much as we can to accommodate changes, extra calls/text, but please respect our time as we do respect yours. Emails are usually answered within 24-48 hrs. You can reach us at bb@nutritiousdr.com and nesko@nutritiousdr.com


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